Automated Phone Verification. Protect your business and your users with OnVerify. helps protect your customers and your business by automatically calling your customer to validate transactions (such as purchases) or actions (such as changes to personal information) on your website.

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Phone Verification


Reverse Phone Verification

Phone Verification. tell us the the number to call, the number is called, pin is announced, customer enters the pin to validate   Reverse Phone Verification. Tell us the number to call, pin to check. The number is called, customer enters the pin. Callback url is called about the status
Standard phone verification: provide number to call, template to be used, and pin to be announced. Your customer phoned, and a pin announced according to the templates.   Extended phone verification, needs number to be called, template to be used, and pin to be checked. Your customer phoned, asked a pin to enter

Phone Notification


SMS Notification

Phone Notification: tell us number to call and template to run. calls the number and runs the template   Sms Notification. Tell us sms and msg. Sms is sent, callback is fired about the status
Provide the phone number and template to use. Generic phone notification call, your customer is phoned and template is played. Provide the mobile number and the message to sent. Get back the delivery report.

Reverse SMS Verification


Fax Notification

Worldwide sms support. Two way sms   Worldwide fax support. We support html or pdf file sending
Needs number to send sms. Customer needs to reply to sms with his mobile.
  Needs number to call and html to be sent. html is converted on the fly. Fax number called, and converted html is sent.

Call-In Phone Verification


Third Party Verification

Call in phone verification. Instead of automatic calling the customer, let customer call only from known phone number   Third Party Verification. Easy way!
Instead of calling the customer immediately, record the customer's number at and provide him a dedicated phone number to call. When customer calls the dedicated number, will play the flow set for this verification. Got two options:
1. Standard Number
2. Toll-Free Number
  This features lets you to help to record your telemarketing transactions with conference calls
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Free Phone Type Information


Custom Solutions

All answered and billed calls fires back following phone type information:
  • Fixed Line
  • Mobile
  • Toll-free
  • Non-fixed Voip
  • Pager
  • Payphone
  • Personal

Also, the country, city (if applicable), operator information included.

  If none of the services match exactly, drop us a line, we will provide it very quickly and cost effectively

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