Automated Phone Verification. Protect your business and your users with OnVerify.


Totally transparent operation
  Your customer will only see and use your site and system, no interference from We work in the background
Simple to use, simple to integrate
  Yes, no special software needed to install; no learning time, just a few parameters in the url (yet able to add more security to the url call from management screens)
No bills, if no answer or busy
  Straightforward, we bill you for the calls answered, not for all trials.
Flat fee per country/destionation, per call
  Pricing is based on destination (prefix/country/network), per call. The fees are flat
Works Worldwide
  Any phone number is supported
Free Integration Support
  We provide free of charge integration support.
Ready to go codes to integrate to your system
  We provide php, asp and code to integrate into your system.
Free text to speech system
  All voices are generated from text to wav/voice to be played over the phone, no need to upload any wav file, voice quality will satisfy you.
Professional wav file upload option
  You dont have to use the free built-in tts engine. You can upload the wav files.
Powerful template System
  All call flow can be re-programmed with easy to use templates; so it answers your needs (for example, you may want to add the cost of the transaction to the call; which is very easy to do, another parameter in template design)
Multiple Language TTS
  In some cases and in some destinations, local languages may be needed for better results: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish TTS engines are ready to be used. Just select the language of the template, the tts engine will switch language
Other Languages
  We can add with specialized voices, contact us if you need one
Phone Type Information
  After each call, onverify returns the phone number type, mobile, landline, payphone,... and also country and telecom operator free of charge!
Call-out, Call-in
  Call your customers immediately when they are on your website, or let them give a chance to call later. does answer following business:

1. Credit card processors

2. Check processors

3. Online Sales Sites

4. Ebay Sales

5. Auction Sales

6. High Risk Business helps you to stop/eliminate fraud. Pennies per transaction can save you $25 - $100 in bank fees.

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