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Phone Verification

Phone Verification. tell us the the number to call, the number is called, pin is announced, customer enters the pin to validate
Mostly Phone Verification is used for:
  • Sales confirmation and verification
  • Captcha Alternative to process a request
  • One time password to access secure site
  • Lead Confirmation and Verification

Standard Phone Verification is an Automated Phone Call to the provided number to announce a PIN. expects:

  1. Number to call in international (E.164) format
  2. The PIN to announce. does not generate a PIN
  3. The Verification Flow Template id, that is set at

Verification request is done via HTTP or SOAP API. Documentation and sample scripts are available when you login to

When a verification request is done to, automatically calls the given number.

After the phone is answered, runs the Template (Verification Script) that you requested. Template usually includes a PIN to be announced.

In the Template you can use your own wording, includes a Text to Speech System, that automatically converts text to voice (wav files) to be played on the phone. You also have the option to upload your prerecorded wav file.

Template system is very customizable; you can customize it over or you can customize it on the fly during the verification initialization. Here is a sample Flow:

  1. This is a demonstration call from
  2. In a few seconds we will provide the PIN that you need to enter on the form
  3. Your pin is
  4. 1234
  5. I repeat
  6. Your pin is
  7. 1234
  8. Please enter the pin on the form

In this flow, 1234 is dynamic, and is replaced during the verification initialization.

Following scenario is also possible

  1. Hello Jack, this is an automated verification call from to verify your registration. You have recently signed up for services at
  2. In a few seconds I will announce the PIN, please note it
  3. Your pin is
  4. 1234
  5. I repeat
  6. Your pin is
  7. 1234
  8. Please enter the pin on confirmation page to approve your account.

On the Template Steps following actions are possible

  1. Say Text
  2. Play Wav
  3. Record Voice

On every Phone Verification, fires back the status of the verification together with Phone Type Information.

Free Phone Type Information
All answered and billed calls fires back following phone type information:
  • Fixed Line
  • Mobile
  • Toll-free
  • Non-fixed Voip
  • Pager
  • Payphone
  • Personal

Also, the country, city (if applicable), operator information included. helps protect your customers and your business by automatically calling your customer to validate transactions (such as purchases) or actions (such as changes to personal information) on your website.
Free registration (you are under no obligation to buy) lets you to try the services to compare and decide.

You can try registration free Phone Verification Demo

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