Automated Phone Verification. Protect your business and your users with OnVerify.

PrestaShop Phone Verification Plugin

  1.  Works just before “any” payment process.

  2. Supports phone or sms verification type, which can be set from administration page

  3.  Automated number format checking

  4.  Built-in country code prefix adding (no need for country pull down)

  5.  Phone Verification template (what’s to be said on the phone call) can be customized

  6.  SMS Verification message can be configured

  7.  Phone number blacklist

  8.  IP blacklist

  9.  Automatically promote customers to a specific group

  10.  Bypass verification for specific customer groups (like wholesale)

  11.  Limit #verifications per sale, according to date, time

  12.  Set retry time between trials

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